Guide for participating companies
How to write news about your offer during the fair!

We invite you to write and send us a news story about new products, travel opportunities and topicalities you are going to introduce to visitors. Take the opportunity now to make visitors interested in attending your stand at “Balttour”!

Prepare your material and we will publish it under “Participant News” at at no extra charge!

Tips on how to write a news story:

  1. Headline. The headline should tell what unique offer awaits visitors and who offers it. It should be compelling enough to attract attention or inviting.
    Some successful examples: “Visit the fishing and recreation centre NORD Fish in the northern Norway!”, “For a moment become a luge driver at Sigulda booth!”, “Tervete invites you to play medieval games, taste homemade specialties and learn about history!”
  2. Lead. You should give a little more accurately description of your offer here, as well as indicate your company's booth number and the hall. Two or three sentences are usually sufficient.
  3. Offer’s content. Describe the content of your offer – what will visitors learn, see or do attending your stand. Tell whether there will be special guests, performances or other pleasant surprises in your booth.
  4. Additional information. Here, for example, you should give a website address that offers more information about this offer and your company.
  5. End line – write a slogan or catchphrase inviting visitors to attend your booth.


  • Length of news article. Your news article must not exceed 250 words.
  • Pictures and logos. News article requires at least three pictures and company logo in JPG format. The size of each file must be at least 2 MB!
  • Language. Initially, you should submit your material in one language – Latvian, Russian or English. When we confirm that your material is suitable for publishing under the “Participant News” section, you will have to provide your news story in two other languages.
  • Who should you send it to? Send your news article and materials (or links to a particular download site) to Lauma Abramoviča, a PR Officer for "Balttour", via email: Send pictures as email message attachments!



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