On current developments in medicine – Medbaltica 2021 medical fair already in October!

On 7 and 8 October, along with the exhibition Medbaltica 2021, eleven professional conferences will be held at Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre, where topical issues of medicine will be discussed by specialists of various healthcare areas in a safe environment.

Conferences for medical professionals

 On the first day of the exhibition, 7 October, the Conference of the Healthcare Employers’ Association “Challenges of the Health Care System” will be held in green safety mode, with the participation of the Minister for Health Daniels Pavļuts, as well as two conferences of the Latvian Medical Association (LMA) - “Importance of Neurophysiological Examinations for the Improvement of Diagnostics of Various Pathologies” and “ Who is Going to Help the Helpers? Balint groups as a proven remedy for burnout. Integrative model”.

Furthermore, on 7 October, the conference of the Pharmacists’ Society of Latvia “Proper use of medicinal products. Practical experience of pharmacists” will be held, as well as the conference “Topical issues in oncology”, organised by the Union of Surgical Nurses in cooperation with the Latvian Nurses Association (LNA).
Meanwhile dentists are invited to Ķīpsala on both days, since conferences of the Latvian Dental Association will be held; furthermore, on 8 October, the Conference of the Latvian Dental Hygienists’ Association will take place, as well as the Conference of the Latvian Dental Assistants’ Association, which will be held for the first time.

On the second day of the exhibition, physicians are also invited to attend the LMA conference “Topical issues in Endoscopy and Radiology”, and the family of Latvian nurses - the conference of the Mental Health Nurses’ Association and LNA conference “Current Issues in Mental Health Nursing Practice during the COVID-19 Pandemic”. For the programme of events, see: www.bt1.lv/medbaltica/eng/visit.php#events

The latest medical goods and services

Although Medbaltica 2021 will only be open to representatives of companies from countries that have an interoperable Covid-19 certificate in the European Union, it is already known that approximately 80 companies from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Czechia, Russia, Romania and Switzerland are preparing for the exhibition.

The most modern dental, surgical, orthopaedic, rehabilitation, ophthalmology, pharmaceutical and other medical technologies, equipment, materials, clothing and services will be offered by long-term participants of exhibitions such as Dentoflex Schumann, Plandent, Dentsply Sirona, Kulzer, GC Nordic, Altex, Arde Dental, Kmik, Malli, Dynasty, Arbor Medical Corporation, Prāna Ko, as well as Aliance Plast, Biosan, DAB Dental, Medirent1 (skabeklaterapija.lv) and others, which have chosen the Medbaltica fair to support their business activities for the first time.

The “Medbaltica” fair is an important event for healthcare professionals, where you can source information on the latest medical technologies, new businesses, make business contacts and buy medical products at particularly advantageous prices.

“Medbaltica 2021” is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

Read more about the fair and conferences: www.medbaltica.com
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Opening hours
7 October 9.00–18.00
8 October 9.00–18.00

Ticket price – € 3
In order to register for participation in conferences, interested parties must refer to the relevant association or society.
Parking ticket – €3
Entry only upon presenting a valid interoperable EU Covid-19 certificate and an identity document.

* The green level means that all participants of the event have certificates proving their Covid-19 vaccination or recovery during the last half-year. The green level is most closely aligned to the time before the pandemic – neither the exhibition participants nor visitors will need to wear face and mouth covering, respect physical distancing, nor the number of visitors and opening hours will be limited.