Virtual reality in rehabilitation and other innovations at Medbaltica 2021

The latest medical technologies, dentistry and health care news, innovative products and in-demand goods for medical practitioners and industry professionals – all of this and a lot more already this week, on 7 and 8 October, at the 14th International Medical Fair Medbaltica 2021 in Ķīpsala!

Medbaltica 2021 will take place in the safe – green mode. Although only representatives of companies based in countries that have Covid-19 certificates interoperable within the EU can take part in the fair, the latest offering – dental, surgical, orthopaedic, rehabilitation, ophthalmologic, pharmaceutical and other technologies, equipment, materials, garments, and services – will be presented at Ķīpsala by almost 80 companies from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Romania, Switzerland, and Sweden.

Conferences for medical practitioners

Over the two days of the fair – on 7 and 8 October – Ķīpsala will host 11 conferences for dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, pharmacists, nurses, and specialists of internal medicine and other fields for them to discuss the latest trends, acquire new information and share their experience. In addition, the Conference of the Healthcare Employers’ Association “Challenges of the Health Care System” will take place on 7 October with Daniels Pavļuts, Minister for Health of Latvia, taking part in it. On the same day, Ķīpsala will host the Conference of the Latvian Medical Association “Who is Going to Help the Helpers? Balint Groups as a Proven Remedy for Burnout. Integrative Model”. To register for the conferences, please reach out to the respective associations. For the programme of the conferences, see:

Virtual reality in rehabilitation

“BEKA Baltic” will be presenting the unique and modern “PABLO” rehabilitation system produced by the Austrian manufacturer “Tyromotion”. The system makes it possible to perform therapy in an exciting virtual reality game environment.
With “PABLO”, it’s possible to acquire an objective assessment of the patient’s movement abilities at the start of therapy and evaluate its progress. The equipment is useful for children, as well as adults in various stages of recovery. “Fysioline”, “G Fitness”, “Orccan”, and others will be presenting efficient rehabilitation equipment to be used at rehabilitation centres and at home.

Try on the shoes of a microsurgeon!

The Hand and Reconstructive Team and “Brūču klīnika” will be offering a unique opportunity for the visitors of Medbaltica 2021 to have a go at microsurgery. With the help of a surgical microscope, visitors will be able to try joining broken bones and fingers while observing the manipulations on a screen.

Innovations in the fight against viruses

One of the main prerequisites in the fight against viruses is good personal hygiene, which is why there are new and more efficient products and technologies constantly appearing on the market. Here are some of them! “Biosan” will demonstrate an efficient and safe solution for indoor air disinfection – bactericidal air recirculators that use UV waves.

“Prāna Ko” will be presenting a progressive solution for common disease prevention – “Defend Tech” paper hygiene products and equipment that prevents the growth of bacteria. The paper is enriched with antibacterial additives that prevent the growth of bacteria. Whereas the material of “Defend Tech” dispensers includes silver ions, ensuring continuous protection against microbes and bacteria. The company “Remedine” will also be offering their latest product – the “Bacoban” disinfectant with a long-term effect of up to 10 days, while “Biomark” will introduce visitors to the unique “NOVAERUS NanoStrike®” plasma nanotechnology equipment for indoor air disinfection and purification.

For preventive measures and work
In addition to attending the displays of medical technologies, materials and innovative solutions, visitors of Medbaltica 2021 will have the chance to purchase goods for strengthening one’s health on a daily basis for great prices – everything from oral hygiene goods, products for virus prevention, nutritional supplements, as well as cosmetics. “Anija” will be offering the unique Bulgarian healing cosmetics “Black Sea Stars & Solilug” and “Anchialo”, while the Danish dermocosmetics brand “Beauté Pacifique” will be presenting its latest “Symphonique 45+” line of products for the first time in the Baltics. Visitors of the fair will also have the chance to assess the condition of their skin with the help of ultrasound diagnostic technology, making it possible to attain information on the condition of the deepest skin tissues. Whereas “Krēzs” will be offering the professional and natural Swiss cosmetics “Satis Feet” for feet and nail treatment.

Visitors will be able to purchase high-quality and stylish work clothes and shoes for doctors, SPA employees, cosmetologists and dental health workers for great prices. The offer will be taken care of by local brands “Prāna Ko” and “Arde Line”, Lithuanian companies “U4B” and “Strādā stilīgi”, medical product seller “Dinastija”, and others. Pick what you need! Follow the link to see more of the participants’ offers:

Medbaltica 2021 will take place in green mode!

In the context of epidemiological safety, a green environment only contains people who are vaccinated against Covid-19 or have recovered from Covid-19 in the last six months. Neither the participants, nor the visitors will have to use face masks. When entering the Exhibition Centre, you will be required to present an EU-valid digital Covid-19 certificate (with a QR code) and a personal identification document.

“Medbaltica” is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

More about the fair:
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Opening hours of the fair:
7 October, 9:00 – 18:00
8 October, 9:00 – 18:00

Entrance ticket – € 3
To register for the conferences, please reach out to the respective associations.
Parking – € 3