“Sabiles Sidrs” presents the award-winning Gardeners Five Seeds dry apple white wine

The Gardener’s Five Seeds wine bouquet is derived from a carefully scrutinized relationship between traditional cider apples and local dessert apples. Moreover, like ciders from the brewery, it is made only from apples grown in Latvia, carefully selected, so that they give an authentic, real taste created by the local climate.

“The Latvian climate is particularly suitable for apple growing, and I therefore regard it as Latvia’s wealth that needs to be used. Over the years, experience in searching for flavours, patience, care and love for the process has enabled us to create the first wine of the “Sabiles sidrs” brewery,” tells Baiba Circene, a cider master and the board member of “Sabiles sidrs”.

“Gardeners Five Seeds” was ranked at CiderWorld ’21 Award, the most prestigious European cider competition in early summer. 77 producers with 180 products took part in the competition, and “Sabiles Sidrs” was among them with this year’s novelties - the Gardener’s Five Seeds dry apple wine and Gardener’s Sweet Apple-Quince Cider.

The panel of judges took into account the origin of the drinks, their regional characteristics and, of course, their quality when tasting. Gardener’s Five Seeds, a white apple wine that went on sale this spring, won a gold medal. Gardener’s Sweet Apple-Quince Cider, which has been available on the Latvian market since last year, won a silver medal. The assessment by the CiderWorld’21 professional judges is a proof to the fact that drinks made in Latvia meet the requirements of the most sophisticated beverage experts.

"Sabiles Sidrs"
Rīgas iela 22, Sabile, LV-3294