The photo-exhibition “Food is Our Pleasure” will take place at the Riga Food 2021

Within the framework of the Riga Food 2021 exhibition, the photo-exhibition “Food is Our Pleasure” by the Latvian photographer Andrei Cmachoff will take place from 9 to 11 September.
The exhibition reflects on relations between food and a person, through the prism of the fact that food is one of our main weaknesses, an inalienable need for life and acts as a manipulative syndrome to the concept of a person-person. Don’t make me brains, dear, all the bald spots have already been eaten / eaten. Ugh, don’t eat this nasty, God, how delicious. The way to a man’s heart lies through the stomach, our grandmothers said, expressing the wisdom of being. Molecular cuisine, tasty and healthy or the requirements of a fleeting fashion. Will leave or stay. Leave or stay, because there was no dessert at all. Each of us has a myriad of stories related to food, as well as how food connects people.
We invite you to this delicious journey, prepared by life itself!

Curator: Marina Gaevskaya