PIKC Valmiera Vocational Training Center presents unique own processing products

Exhibition "Riga Food 2021" PIKC Valmiera Vocational Training Center will take part in the innovation stand. Visitors get acquainted with the three latest products, presenting their highest quality standards in food development and production.

The teaching staff and students of Valmieras tehnikums not only improve the theoretical knowledge base, but also jointly participate in the development, testing and production of new products, devoting the necessary food development processes, technology and quality of final products.

Salami – a golden-colored Danish sausage smoked in beechwood smoke. Enriched with garlic and nutmeg flavors, leaving a slightly spicy aftertaste. Perfectly plays with fresh cheese, juicy fruits, and berries.

Blue cheese salami – a golden-colored Danish-type sausage smoked in beechwood smoke. As it is processed, a mixture of exquisite spices is added, giving the traditional sausage a refreshingly unusual shades of blue cheese taste. Freshly ground pepper and chili give a mildly sharp and tangy flavor. This salami is great as an appetizer paired with melons, grapes, exotic fruits, and red wine.

Cigar sausages – crispy and juicy burgundy colored sausages smoked in beechwood smoke. For a better experience, pair it with beer or other refreshments, favorite dressings, or mustard. Cooking or baking is not recommended as the unique taste and texture qualities will be lost.

The sausages are made from selected high-quality local pork.

Vegan BIO sausages – a unique organic product for vegans and other gourmets who refrain from consuming eggs, dairy and animal-derived products. Vegan BIO sausages are created in Valmiera Vocational Training Center with close collaboration with Latvian company MILZU. They contain only plant-based ingredients. Taste best grilled or fried with favorite dressing, fresh salads, vegetables, or in a hot dog.

Valmiera Vocational Training Center offers to acquire professional education programs as a food production technician, cook, waiter and many others. In addition, various adult education programs are being successfully implemented.

PIKC "Valmieras tehnikums"