Caffe Buongiorno will present the new green line!

We wanted to take up on an old family tradition, which has been roasting coffee since 1950, and launched on the market the coffee brand, Buongiorno. We only select the best raw materials, respecting our high quality standards and guaranteeing competitive prices.

We created a wide range of products to include roasted coffee beans, ground and filtered coffee, various types of capsules and pods, solubles products such as the ginseng and barley as well as other popular products such as herbal and infused teas, flavoured hot drinks, sugars and sweeteners.

Caffe Buongiorno is not just a tasty and affordable coffee which is still made the artisan way, but is a lifestyle.

We wanted to give coffee back it’s values which are often neglected in today’s fast paced life. An espresso should not be a fast consumption, but an enjoyable moment, a moment of reflection, it is a Buongiorno!

We believe that the future should be green and environmentally friendly. For this reason at the Riga 2021 fair we will present the new green line. Composed of coffee pods, ground coffee and capsules compatible nespresso 100% biodegradable and aluminum!

We believe in a future that respects the environment and is sustainable, which is why the Green line was born, designed to offer products that are good for you and nature.

“Caffe Buongiorno”
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