What is new in Latvia's world of taste? Discover it at “Riga Food 2021”!

Egg ice cream, Latvian tonic, cricket sausages, pinecone chocolate, edible cups, vegan burger and mayonnaise … these are just some of the new products Latvian producers will present for tasting and sale at the “Riga Food 2021” exhibition to be held at Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre in Riga from September 9 to 11. Come and indulge!

Cricket sausages – protein bomb
Yes, you have read it right! European Importing Company will present at “Riga Food” the highest quality dried pork sausages are enriched with dried cricket flour. Dried crickets and cricket flour are especially nutritious. One of their most valued nutritional properties is protein. 100 grams of crickets has twice as much protein as beef, 4 times more iron than spinach, 10 times more vitamin B12 than salmon, and more calcium than milk. Do we need to add anything else? Cricket sausages are nutritious and healthy. A great choice for a snack with your favourite series or on a trip.

Vegan burger that tastes like beef
Vegan beef burger “Furious Burger” is a novelty in Latvian vegan cuisine! It resembles a meat product visually and in texture, but is actually based on plant-based proteins. Vegan, hearty and delicious! Unlike other veggie burgers, which have been cooked before and give the user limited opportunities to influence the taste of the burger, "Furious Foods" can be served from rare to well done. This burger is great for cooking both at home and in the HoReCa sector.

Pinecone chocolate – goody that boosts immunity
The idea of cone products emerged about six years ago, when the eldest son had a persistent cough. "The drugs from pharmacy did not help, so my wife was looking for an alternative – she gathered information about the valuable properties of pine and started to produce immune system boosting products that saved our boy from a long-term illness and aroused great interest in those around him as well,” tells Reinis Artimovičs, a head of the family-owned enterprise Mītavas Čiekurs. This year, they developed an innovative product line - five types of chocolate with pinecones: dark chocolate with whole pinecones, truffles with cone syrup, cone toffee with white chocolate, caramelized and whole cones in a milk chocolate glaze. The best treat in autumn!

Two in one – a cup as a dessert
Be acquainted with a new trend – edible dishes. At the exhibition "Riga Food 2021", the company Manuss will present edible cups for hot drinks and desserts. Edible cups are a great alternative to disposable tableware, so, there will be no waste! The cups do not heat up, do not change the taste of a drink and do not soak for up to 60 minutes. Come to the exhibition, drink coffee and eat a cup instead of a cookie!

Latvian tonic – a refreshing charge
In June, when everybody could enjoy heat and warmth in Latvia, a home producer Jānis Smelters created a new soft drink "Ingvertonic".The new Latvian tonic is carbonated and slightly bitter refreshing drink with a slightly tingling aftertaste of ginger. It contains ginger root, linden and elderberry flowers, quince juice and wormwood for bitterness. Ginger is not just a spice or treatment for a runny nose and cough, that ginger can be something more, can be a key ingredient and be enjoyed. Perfectly refreshes and increases vital energy, if cooled. It makes cheeks become pinker and people smile.

The first egg-white based ice cream in the Baltics

As true egg patriots, Balticovo has developed the first ice cream in the Baltics, made of egg white and egg melange (liquid egg mass separated from shells). The egg ice cream "Plombir" and "Chocolate plombir" are based on a homemade ice cream recipe. Egg is rich in valuable nutrients and provides the pleasant texture of ice cream. It will make happy those who love ice cream, prefer local products made of local ingredients and time-tested flavour combinations.

Mango jam with chia seeds – taste of exotics
In Latvia, almost 50% of buyers choose products with unusual, exotic flavour; therefore, "Pūre" also expands its range of new, exotic flavoured jams. Mango, especially popular among buyers, combined with chia seeds, a wonderful source of antioxidants, rich in protein, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, make the new "Mango jam with chia seeds". High quality and excellent taste of a homemade jam. Try it in the National Stand of Latvia!

Mayonnaise “Yo’Majo!”
“Yo’Majo!” is a completely new product that will be presented for the first time by the Latvian company Furious Foods at the “Riga Food” exhibition. Mayonnaise is fully based on products of plant origin. It has two flavours: a la provencale for adherents of the classical taste and with southern spices that will be perfect for vegetables or crisps. “Thinking of the name, we studied and concluded that the name we wanted was already taken. Jomajo, what do we call it? Yes, it is the right name! To make it easier for speakers of other languages, we transformed it into “Yo’Mayo”,” tells Didzis Piļāns, an owner of Furious Foods.

“SEED FOOD” – different slice of bread
The novelty from N. Bomis bakery “Lielezers” – pizza- and Cheddar-flavoured seed snack “SEED FOOD” does not contain gluten-containing ingredients. It has a high nutritional value in terms of both fibre and protein – created for a gourmet who appreciates high-quality snacks! "From the very beginning, we wanted it to have the function of a slice of bread, good taste and that it would hit the shelf of healthy products," says Valters Kanopa, a production manager at Lielezers. It is really like bread – you can eat it as it is or put something on it.

Spirulina drinks – source of energy
SpirulinaNord, a company established by Latvian women in science, will present in the “Riga Food 2021” Innovation stand their freshest news - spirulina drinks with quince and cranberry flavour, which are rich in spirulina and can be stored at room temperature. The products maintain the valuable properties of this tropical microalga – antioxidants and vitamins – and are enriched with fruit and berry taste. Kids will love them too!

Last but not least! Rāmkalni will present their natural BIO juices, Jaunpils pienotava will offer cheese slices, but the Sabile Cidery invites to taste its apple dry white wine "Gardeners Five Seeds” that won the golden medal at the prestigious CiderWorld ’21 Award. SKIM Gardumi will present the sheep whey jellybeans that are the result of successful communication and cooperation with Elizabete Bendika from Bendiku Piena Aitas. The Institute of Horticulture invites visitors to the “Riga Food 2021” to taste unusual quince products developed in collaboration with researchers. Read participant news here: www.bt1.lv/rigafood/index.php

“Riga Food” – major food industry event in the Baltics!
The Baltics’ major food fair “Riga Food 2021” reportedly takes place at Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre in Riga from 9 to 11 September. The exhibition will provide a safe environment for new deals to industry professionals and a variety of new flavours to taste to every gourmet. Although “Riga Food 2021” is open only to business representatives from countries that have that have a national Covid-19 certificate made interoperable and verifiable across the European Union, we expect that about 300 companies from 15 countries - Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Canada, Spain and other countries.

“Riga Food 2021” will present national stands of Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Spain and Ukraine. Latvian produce will be showcased and available for tasting in the National stand of Latvia and the collective stand of the fishing industry.

“Riga Food” is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. Read more: www.rigafood.lv

“Riga Food 2021” to be held in green low-risk mode!
In line with the epidemiological safety rules, exhibitions attended only by persons who are vaccinated against Covid-19 or have had Covid-19 during the last half-year shall be regarded green (low-risk) environment. Entry only upon presentation of a valid interoperable EU Digital Covid-19 Certificate, a personal identity document and a ticket. Read more about attending a green (low-risk) exhibition: www.bt1.lv/rigafood/visit.php

Keep up with the news: www.rigafood.lv
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Opening hours:

9–10 September 10.00–18.00
11 September 10.00–17.00

Entrance fee – EUR 3
Free entry for pre-registered food professionals!
Parking ticket: EUR 5