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Buy a ticket to Balttour 2018 and win!

Ticket sales for "Balttour 2018" have already started on November 20, and all purchases made this year will take part in the lottery. Buy a ticket for yourself and your family now!

Everybody who buys a ticket by the end of 2017 will take part in a lottery – two airBaltic digital luggage scales will be raffled each week. Anyone who has ever had packed suitcases to comply with the weight limits for checked and cabin luggage would find the luggage scale worth winning.

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1. Daiga L. (27/11/2017)
2. Irina C.(27/11/2017)

3. Oskars Č. (04/12/2017)
4. Santa J. (04/12/2017)
5. nata*** (12/11/2017)
6. blued****** (12/11/2017)
7. lindar**** (12/18/2017)
8. gints.******** (12/18/2017)
9. vinc*** (27/12/2017) 
10. tais.a***** (27/12/2017) 
11. dmi****** (02/01/2018)
12. judite***** (02/01/2018)

All winners of the lottery will be notified live and in person.

“Balttour 2018” reportedly will be held from 2–4 February 2018 at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, Riga, Latvia. Visitors to the thematic halls "Travel Latvia!" and "Discover the World!" will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the offering presented by more than 850 companies and organizations. If you wish to travel the world or get to know Latvia, "Balttour 2018" is the best place to seek for the best world and nationwide tours and recreation offers, to get information on new destinations offering unprecedented impressions, to get answers to all the uncertain questions or choose the first trip.

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