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Deutsch-Baltische Handelskammer in Estland, Lettland, Litauen

Why visit Green Riverland area?

Discover the nature of Soomaa National Park in Green Riverland area where nearly intact and seemingly endless bogs have developed during tens of thousands of years. The peacefulness, fresh air and beautiful natural scenery combined makes it a refreshing place to load your batteries. Admirable bogs are easily accessible by boardwalks and suspension bridges which makes it an option also for people with wheelchairs and baby carriages.

The high-water season in Soomaa is also called the “fifth season” by the inhabitants of the local villages. It is the time for adventurous and unique experiences like riding a boat in a forest or meadow which is flooded.

There are numerous different service providers and it is possible to examine the services and products offered by them. You may acquire knowledge in an excursion and participate in trainings in a production farm, market garden or even an apiary.

Soomaa as the name says in Estonian is the land of mires. Mires have played a big role in the lives of the people living in Soomaa, above all, as the separator from the rest of the world. This secluded area has through times drawn those in conflict with the remaining society as well as those just looking for freedom and privacy.
The name of Jõemaa (Riverland) was taken into use in 1999 in the domestic tourism concept prepared by the Tourism Board and the Estonian Ecotourism Association i.e in the classification of the so-called „fifth-lands“ which combines modern knowledge from satellite photos with our knowledge of the oldest parish classification based on kindred settlement. Jõemaa fifth-land encompasses parishes along the ancient Suur-Emajõgi and the tributaries thereof from Pärnu to Peipsi. 

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