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Lithuania at Balttour 2018 – a new museum, restored dolphinarium and an impressive winter garden

Fly over the city in a hot air balloon, see the restored dolphinarium, visit a brand new museum inside a castle, explore a spectacular winter garden and make the most of Lithuania in one day – learn more about these and many other tourism offers from our neighbours at the Discover the World hall of Balttour 2018 on 2–4 February in Ķīpsala!

Enjoy a day trip!
Feel like taking a break, but your vacation is nowhere in sight? Then a day trip is exactly what you need! The Curonian Spit National Park, Palanga Resort, Skuodas land of rocks, Šilutė District, and Ventė Cape – each of these places is unique in its own way and is located near Klaipėda. Find out more about these and other nearby destinations in Lithuania at Balttour 2018 (stand No. H19)!

Visit the hot air balloon superpower!
Did you know that Lithuania is the world leader by the number of hot air balloons per 1000 inhabitants? Furthermore, Vilnius is one of the few European capitals offering hot air balloon rides right above the city’s historic centre, as well as elsewhere. Where else can you ride a hot air balloon? Find out at the national stand of Lithuania!

Take your family to CurioCity!
Last year, an impressive interactive education and entertainment centre called CurioCity was opened in Kaunas, the second biggest city in Lithuania. Learn more about it at the national stand of Lithuania. At CurioCity, both children and their parents can fly in a spaceship, become members of an ambulance crew, navigate an obstacle course across a river of burning lava, put out a fire, test their skills at a recording studio, and do much more.

Explore a spectacular winter garden!
In northwestern Lithuania, travellers can visit Kretinga Museum, which is renowned for its spectacular winter garden. Here, you can see 170 different plant species. Characterised by a warm and pleasant atmosphere all year round, it is made all the more special by the many water cascades, pools, as well as turtles and parrots. Kretinga Museum, with its park and winter garden, is a popular destination for leisure among locals as well. Learn more about these and many other tourist attractions in Kretinga at the fair (stand No. H19)!

Visit the new museum 39/45!

Any visitor of Balttour 2018 will have a chance to discover something completely new – the newly opened World War II museum called 39/45 and located in Klaipėda Castle. The exposition consists of two parts: Klaipėda during and after World War II. The 39/45 also has an educational hall, where visitors can test their knowledge on the war. Be one of the first to visit 39/45!

See the recently reopened dolphinarium!
Both young and old are welcome to visit the restored dolphinarium and the extensive exposition of the Lithuanian Sea Museum. It now features 24 restored aquariums and a 25 metre long glass tunnel under the central aquarium, which is perfect for watching the fish from below. For an unforgettable experience, try out the ship disaster simulator or visit the penguin colony. The dolphinarium in this museum is the only one in the Baltic region, which offers not only dolphin shows but also dolphin therapy. By the way, at the Klaipėda stand at Balttour 2018 you will have a chance to win museum tickets!

These are only some of the Lithuanian tourism offers! Among the Balttour 2018 participants will be Vytautas Mineral Spa, Eglės Sanatorija, Dino Parkas, Vinetu Kaimas, Esperanza Resort & SPA, Olego Transportas and many others.

This year, Balttour 2018 can take pride in a particularly large number of participants from neighbouring countries – new tourism offers will be presented by more than 30 participants from Lithuania and Estonia. A total of 850 companies from nearly 40 countries around the world will present their tourism offers in Ķīpsala from 2 until 4 February.

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2 February 10:00–13:00 (for professionals)
2 February 13:00–18:00
3 February 10:00–18:00
4 February 10:00–17:00

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The Balttour travel trade fair is organised by the Association of Latvian Travel Agents and Operators (ALTA) in cooperation with the International Exhibition Company BT 1.



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