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Lithuania 2017: Even More Events and Taste

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) declared Lithuania as one of most tourists discovered countries in Europe due to growing number of tourists. Indrė Trakimaitė-Šeškuvienė, director of the State Department of Tourism says that the acknowledgement of the international community is very important as the growing number of tourists is the best indicator suggesting that it is really worth visiting our country.

Tourists vote by travelling
„We see obvious signs showing that tourists discover Lithuania and tourism sector is rapidly evolving: every year more than ten new hotels open their doors including such famous brands as Marriott or Hilton, every year the increasing number of cruise liners stop in Klaipėda seaport and for the first time our restaurants were included into authoritative restaurant guide White Guide. I guess the main reason for such growth is that we are really attractive and interesting to tourists and able to offer wide range of entertainment and leisure activities, otherwise people would not choose our country” says I. Trakimaitė-Šeškuvienė.

In 2016 international arrivals of tourists visiting this Baltic country are estimated to have increased by 11 percent while average growth of tourism in Northern Europe reached only 6 percent, in Central and Eastern Europe international arrivals increased by 4 percent and in Western Europe growth of tourism was only 2 percent according to UNWTO.

Recognition from UNESCO & EDEN
Why is Lithuania attractive to tourists? 7 UNESCO protected objects in this relatively small country with only 3 million inhabitants should be enough. What is more, in 2017 the capital of Lithuania Vilnius has been added to UNESCO’s world heritage journey Romantic Europe. Lithuania now joins six other countries: Cyprus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, France and Austria in this project. Special routes are being prepared for those willing to get acquainted with the exceptional heritage objects of Vilnius.

EDEN (European Destinations of Excellence) announced Pakruojis Manor the Destination of Excellence of Lithuanian Cultural Tourism 2017. Pakruojis Manor is an authentic manor complex where you will have an opportunity to delve into manor lifestyle, experience ancient revel and taste the cuisine of noblemen.

Pakruojis Manor is just one of many manors and castles where you can explore historical heritage, stay overnight, find out the secrets of ancient crafts and dances or hunt with falcons. Now Lithuania has 7 EDEN destinations.

Museums can be fun

The Sea Museum can be one more reason to visit Lithuania. At the end of 2017 the Sea Museum reopened its doors after reconstruction and now can offer impressive sights and experiences. Here you can find breathtaking aquarium with glass tunnel at the bottom and observe a huge variety of fish swimming above your head. Here you will be able to try out the shipwreck simulator that leaves indelible impression and visit the colony of penguins.

The Lithuanian Sea Museum was opened in reconstructed Nerija fort in the Curonian Spit, that is protected by UNESCO. Here you can find the only Dolphinarium in the whole region, which offers not only spectacular dolphin shows but also dolphin assisted therapy. This beneficial therapy helps children facing various health or development problems from all around Lithuania.

One more impressive interactive museum was opened in the second largest city of Lithuania Kaunas lats year. In educational center Curiocity both children and parents can take a flight in spaceship, experience what it feels to be a member of an ambulance crew, navigate an obstacle course over the burning lava of a volcano, save a building on fire, make a recording in audio-recording studio and try out many more opportunities to play, experience, learn and feel.

Vilnius city visitors and people willing to find out more about the history of this city should not miss an opportunity to visit the first in the whole Europe virtual museum Nemuziejus where one will have a possibility to see 700 years of Vilnius history bought to life by computer graphics and laser projection technologies. You will be able to see how the city was built, how it suffered from fires, was thriving during the Baroque period, watch Nepoleon’s army fleeing the city and see many other significant moments of the city history just in 15 minutes.

We also have good news for culture admirers. First in the world Samuel Bak museum opened its doors in autumn 2017. This famous painter was born in Vilnius, miraculously survived the Holocaust and fled to USA after the Second World War, but as he says Vilnius is forever etched into his soul. In this museum one can find over 100 of his artworks, a book where he drew while living in the ghetto and hear his thoughts about his art.

Reconstructed airport at your service
Want to make sure that it is really worth visiting Lithuania? Vilnius airport reopened its doors after reconstruction and now is entirely at your service. Every year approximately 4 million travelers choose Vilnius airport. In the winter season it is possible to fly directly from Vilnius to 48 different cities in 26 countries. And from all three airports of Lithuania it is possible to fly in 65 directions to 56 cities in 26 countries.

From the end of June 2016 Lithuanian airports extended their geography of flights. Now from Vilnius airport one can reach Bari, Grenoble, Gothenburg, Reykjavik, Nice, Leeds, Lvov, Schönefeld Airport in Berlin, Malta, Munich, Nuremberg, Agadir, Cologne and once again is possible to travel to St. Petersburg and Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. Kaunas airport now can offer new flights to Eindhoven, Stavanger, Bergen, Ålesund and Naples. Palanga airport also offers new destinations: St. Petersburg and Glasgow.

„It is extremely easy to get here but is much harder to leave Lithuania as we are incredibly hospitable and have so much to offer. In addition, according to Competitiveness Index Lithuania is one of the safest countries to visit, furthermore, we can be proud of our high rank due to mobile connection quality and Hotel Price Index. So if you have not visited Lithuania yet, year 2018 is the best time to do so. Year 2018 will definitely be exceptional for Lithuania as the state is celebrating its 100th birthday and you will have an opportunity to participate in many impressive events” says I. Trakimaitė-Šeškuvienė.



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