Organiser: ALTA
Association of Latvian Travel Agents and Operators – ALTA

A professional public organisation established in 1991 by merger of travel agents and tour-operators in order to found an amalgamated managerial institution to coordinate business activities of travel agents and tour-operators, to protect their interests and to represent Latvian travel business on the world’s scale. Presently, ALTA unites 80 major Latvian travel agents and tour-operators. Association is the member of ECTAA.


Service provider:
International Exhibition Company BT 1

The most influential private-capital full-service exhibition company in the Baltic States. It has been professionally organising international and regional exhibitions for various sectors of the economy since 1994. BT 1 annually holds more than 30 exhibitions at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre.


Kipsala International Exhibition Centre

Kipsala International Exhibition Centre is the biggest specialised exhibition complex in the Baltic countries, located next to the historical Old City. There are more than 1500 rooms in three- and four-star hotels available within the radius of 2km around the exhibition centre. Riga International Airport is located in just a 10-minute driving distance.


Kipsala International Exhibition Centre provides premises meeting international standards:

  • pavilions
  • conference rooms
  • technical premises
  • open-air exhibition area of 60,000m²
  • parking area for 2.5 thousand vehicles

as well as quality services:

  • logistics
  • transport
  • warehousing
  • exhibition arrangement
  • stand design
  • furniture
  • visa support
  • communications
  • lodging
  • presentation equipment, sound & light equipment

 – all essential things for efficient work and exhibiting.

Riga – the Heart of the Baltics

Riga is a beautiful and exciting city and the heart of the Baltics. Its Old Town was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997. For many centuries, Riga has been an important centre and a meeting place for business and trades people from the East and West!


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