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Opening hours

2 February 10.00–13.00 (Trade & Business hours)
2 February 13.00–18.00
3 February 10.00–18.00
4 February 10.00–17.00

Welcome to the “Balttour 2018” trade fair!
For a single-entry admission, buy a ticket, for a multiple-entry admission – a Professional ID card (also valid on 2 February from 10.00–13.00).

Tickets and Professional ID cards can already be purchased online and, during “Balttour 2018”, will also be available at the Exhibition Centre box office. Save your time, buy tickets online!


(Tickets are valid for single-entry admission only)

Tickets during the Trade & Business hours (2 February, 10.00–13.00)
(Available at the Exhibition Centre Box Office during exhibition hours only)

15.00 EUR

Professional ID card

(Valid for multiple-entry admission on all trade fair days, including on 2 February, 10.00–13.00)

20.00 EUR

No time limit parking lot in front of the main entrance
(Limited number of parking spaces!)

5.00 EUR
Cloakroom 1.00 EUR


International Exhibition Centre

Kipsalas iela 8, Riga, Latvia

Tel: +371 67065000

How to find us?

Public transportation
Visit and search the public transport stop name!

Kaiju iela, on an intersection of Ķīpsalas iela with a side street near the Exhibition Centre.

The public transport stop names on Kr. Valdemāra iela near Vanšu tilts (Shroud Bridge) in a 10 minutes walk from the Exhibition Centre):
* ➙ Ķīpsala on Kr. Valdemāra iela, if coming from the International Airport
* ➙ Ķīpsala on Kr.Valdemāra iela, if coming from the Old Town.

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