Planning a trip? Make plans for the Balttour 2024 anniversary in February, too!

On 2–4 February, the Baltics’ leading travel industry fair Balttour 2024 will open its doors at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre to celebrate its 30th birthday together with travel enthusiasts. For three days, every guest of the fair will be able to choose, plan, and buy trips, while industry professionals will network and set up new partnerships. New destinations, a broad range of travel options, good prices, and a great festive atmosphere, all in one place!

‘For 30 years, Balttour has been a place where travellers gather for meetings, impressions, and business deals. Travel has become an integral part of our lives, and by holding the fair we ensure that its guests have access to opportunities that are right for them, with local and international destinations near and far to stimulate interest in future travel. Travel agencies and tour operators will come up with ideas to satisfy the needs and wishes of a wide range of tourists and make them happy. Balttour is still the best place to find out everything about what Latvia’s tourism industry has to offer in person, to make comparisons, and to decide on your next trip,’ said Ēriks Lingebērziņš, President of the Association of Latvian Travel Agents and Operators (ALTA).

30 years of Balttour
It was in 1994 that the Association of Latvian Travel Agents and Operators (ALTA) organised the first international travel fair in the Baltic states, which took place on the premises of Riga Film Studio. The task of arranging the fair was assigned to the originator of the trade show business in Latvia, Viesturs Tīle, and this is considered to be the beginning of the International Exhibition Company BT 1. For 30 years, the recognisable name of the fair, Balttour, has remained unchanged. Over the years, it has evolved, developing event formats and becoming a recognised meeting point for industry professionals, an annual event much anticipated by travellers in the Baltics, and a celebration of tourism for every travel enthusiast.

Discover the flavour of different countries in one place!

Travel companies and their branches from Lithuania, Estonia, Albania, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Cyprus, Poland, Thailand, Turkey, Hungary, Georgia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Montenegro, and many other countries have registered their participation in Balttour 2024. They will welcome the fair’s guests, inviting them to discover their country’s tourist attractions, culture, and gastronomy, telling them exciting stories, and encouraging them to consider a visit.

Spring and summer trip sales

Tour operators will prepare and sell spring and summer trips at Balttour 2024. For three days, Kipsala International Exhibition Centre will offer its visitors a chance to choose, plan, and buy foreign and domestic trips, as well as outdoor recreation and spa services presented by tour operators, agencies, cruise operators, and travel companies from all of Latvia’s regions.

Travel treasures in Latvia

The travel companies and tourism information centres of Latgale, Zemgale, Vidzeme, Sēlija, and Kurzeme will also present their region’s top destinations and news at Balttour 2024. Hotels, guesthouses, and unconventional accommodation; walking trails and lookout towers, various hiking routes, parks, manors, palaces, and charming old towns, with stops for gastro tourism, cultural events, and much, much more will be there to discover during the three days in Ķīpsala. As usual, Balttour will also have an artisan market!

Relaxing in the Baltics
The fair is never without spa offers for travellers in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The participants providing these services will include Latvian hotels — Hotel Jūrmala Spa, Baltic Beach Hotel & Spa, as well as those in the neighbouring countries, such as the Estonian Spa Association, Narva-Joesuu Medical Spa, Egles Sanatorija and others. For more, visit:

Tourism Person of the Year
As usual, the ceremony for the Latvian travel industry’s most important award, Tourism Person of the Year, will be held at the fair; this title serves to honour those professionals who have significantly contributed to the sustainability of the Latvian travel industry. The award ceremony will take place on 2 February, immediately after its official opening.

Special workshops for travel professionals
On 2 February, the first day of the fair, Kipsala International Exhibition Centre will host business development workshops during which international tour operators will network and get ideas for new travel programmes. They will also be able to find out about what Latvian regions have to offer in terms of travel, both at the participant booths and at the workshop, thus promoting Latvia as a tourism destination. The workshops are organised by the Association of Latvian Travel Agents and Operators (ALTA) in conjunction with airBaltic, the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, and RITA Riga Investment and Tourism Agency.

You can still apply to participate in Balttour 2024!
Companies that seek to present their latest offers in the field of tourism and meet travel enthusiasts in person can still apply to participate in the fair. This is the last moment to do it: hurry up and contact Balttour’s project manager Dainis Bricis (, +371 25449216).

The fair is organised by the Association of Latvian Travel Agents and Operators (ALTA), and managed by the international exhibition company BT 1.

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Ticket prices:
Adults: EUR 6
Schoolchildren, university students, senior citizens, and disabled persons: EUR 5 (with ID)

Family ticket (2+1/1+2): EUR 12
EUR 2 for each additional child
Children under 7: free of charge!
PRO ticket (for visiting professionals): EUR 15
Don’t wait in the queue, buy a ticket online:

Parking space: EUR 5

Event hours:
2 February, 13:00–18:00
3 February 10:00–18:00
4 February 10:00–17:00