Discover Aizkraukle Region!

“Balttour 2024” visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the latest tourist attractions in the Aizkraukle region. Explore the largest events, discover various brochures of tourism entrepreneurs and biggest attractions.
The tourism department of Aizkraukle municipality, taking part in Balttour exhibition, will invite travellers to discover valuable facts about Aizkraukle region. Visitors will be invited to explore the riches of the cultural history of Middle Daugava and the charm of Selonia tourist attractions.
The tourism entrepreneurs of Aizkraukle municipality won four prizes and two nominations at the Zemgale Tourism Association organized “Zemgale Annual Prize 2023”, therefore everyone will be able to discover the route “Golden Road in Aizkraukle municipality” at the exhibition.
Visitors will have the opportunity to win surprise prizes by taking part in exciting activities and exploring the Aizkraukle region, as well to taste the products of the region’s entrepreneurs.
The interactive information stand "Daugava Boatman’s Tale" will provide an opportunity to go on a historical journey along the Daugava river from Pļaviņas to Jaunjelgava.
See you at the Aizkraukle region stand at Balttour 2024!
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