Unique Self-service Stations Revolutionizing the Lifestyle Landscape - Unlock Your Adventure with "EQUIP!"

We’re thrilled to announce that SIA ORCCAN has officially become the representative of Switzerland’s startup sensation, Equip, in the Baltics. The company has developed a multi-sport station, a stand-up paddle station, and a mobile application for renting a wide variety of sports and leisure equipment.
With this new service, our aim is to encourage sports for everyone by eliminating the constraints associated with practice and focusing solely on enjoyment! There’s no need to buy, transport, store, or maintain your own equipment anymore. You simply need a phone at hand to unlock one of the available stations containing all the necessary gear.
How does it work?
- Simply download the free Equip Sport mobile application,
- register with your phone number,
- select your desired sport and location,
- reserve and unlock the station using your phone,
- enjoy the available equipment, and have fun.
- When you finish your session, take a photo of the equipment properly placed back in the station.

With over 800 stations across 8 European countries, Equip is making waves!
"We’re excited to collaborate with such an innovative company like Equip, making spontaneous physical activities accessible to everyone without worrying about owning specific sports equipment. We’ve already placed the first Equip station in test mode in October 2023, and the response was unexpectedly positive despite challenging weather conditions here in Latvia. We believe the Baltics are ready not only for shared cars but also for shared sports equipment!" commented Ilze Ķelpe, CEO of SIA ORCCAN.

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