“UPA Medical SPA” offers relaxing and therapeutic SPA treatements in Druskininkai

“UPA Medical SPA” will be at the “Balttour 2024” exhibition, offering more than 100 SPA procedures for relaxation, health improvment, and active leisure, all created by their team of professionals.

“UPA Medical SPA” is renowned as the ultimate wellness destination in Druskininkai. The team at the resort will assist individuals in selecting the best fitting treatment, well-being enhancement, or relaxation program. The resort boasts over 100 healing and SPA treatments, a swimming pool, saunas, and a restaurant, all set in a unique and comfortable environment.

The “UPA Medical SPA” resort creates an environment dedicated to health improvement and relaxation. During guests’ stays, they are invited to assess their health, indulge in three balanced meals per day, partake in a wide selection of rejuvenating baths, SPA treatments, facial and body-nurturing massages, and engage in swimming pool and sauna activities.

Those interested in visiting can learn more about the offered procedures and wellness programs at the resort’s booth at the “Balttour 2024” exposition.

“UPA Medical SPA” stands as a modern, well-designed medical spa and wellness center nestled in the midst of a spectacular forest. Providing over 100 therapeutic and SPA treatments, a swimming pool, three saunas, doctors’ consultations, and spacious, comfortable rooms. Visitors are encouraged to experience the SPA and wellness center to rejuvenate their strength and health. Complex programs for treatment, rehabilitation, diagnosis, or disease prevention are available based on individual needs.

Website: www.upa.lt
Facebook: www.facebook.com/upamedicalspa
Instagram: www.instagram.com/upa_medical_spa/
YouTube: www.youtube.com/@upamedicalspa9617/videos