Electric Amphibious RVs for the most sustainable & unique outdoor experiences

BeTriton will be exhibiting its unique products, which have received masses of media attention and general interest worldwide. It’s a three-in-one fully electric amphibious RV that seamlessly combines the functions of an electric bicycle, an electric boat, and a tiny camper that sleeps two people. BeTriton is essentially a tiny floating hotel on wheels for 100 EUR a day!

During the time of the exhibition, visitors will be able to exclusively pre-book BeTriton rentals for the summer of 2024 in Smiltene, Latvia, with a designated 50 km scenic route over land and water.

BeTriton also invites potential business partners and tour operators to include the unique product in their offers as an entertaining stop along the way, where BeTriton can do a presentation about the innovation, demonstrate it outdoors, and

offer quick test rides both on land and water at the rental location in Smiltene, Latvia.

BeTRITON is on a mission to shift the way people travel and engage with nature, especially in the current times with the worldwide pandemic and continuous desire to escape in a self-contained and autonomous way. BeTriton fits two adults, is simple to operate and provides enough comfort to sleep on both land and water.