Come to Balttour 2024 and add new destinations to your travel map!

Leading Baltic travel and tourism trade fair and show, Balttour 2024, is almost here. It will take place at the Ķīpsala Expo Centre on 2-4 February, giving everyone an opportunity to choose and buy this year’s travel to one of the dream destinations. Kingdom of Morocco in Africa, sunny Malaga, ever-changing grandeur of Dubai, skier’s paradise Austria, charming Balkans – come pick your destination for 2024.

Almost 300 exhibiting companies from more than 26 world countries will gather at the Balttour 2024 to offer travel to snowy peaks of European mountain ranges, excellent summer destinations and exotic gems. Latvia’ s leading travel and tour operators, such as Tez Tour, Novatours, Interlux Travel, together with national airBaltic airline, will offer new destinations like Morocco, Malaga and Austria, as well as best deals on favourite locations, including Turkey, Greece, Spain and Egypt.

“Visitors, who will come to Ķīpsala during one of the three days that Balttour 2024 is here, will be able to buy plane tickets, chartered tours, ferry and event tickets, cruises, hotels, SPAs and well-being/resort packages for all kinds of customers for special prices that will only be available at the trade fair,” Ēriks Lingebērziņš, President of the Association of Latvian Travel Agents and Operators (ALTA), underlines.

Discover our new destination – Morocco!
Kingdom of Morocco is a brilliant reflection of ancient Maghreb region, part of the “white” Africa where various cultures intersect and intertwine. Buzzing and bustling oriental markets are filled with dark-skinned Berbers who continue to live the ancient nomadic lifestyle, while surfers enjoying the Atlantic Ocean are wrestling with waves. Morocco is unique and authentic. Come to Balttour and you might choose the Middle Eastern charm as this summer’s destination.

Enjoy the always sunny Malaga!
If you are tired of dark and depressing weather, and crave sun, Spanish coastal town of Malaga might be the right fit for you. With Costa del Sol warmth all year round and an opportunity to “warm your bones” during the winter, in the warm rays of the sun and without any rush, the Mediterranean way, it might be your choice. Off-season Malaga, in fact, has its own charm. It is the time when you can best appreciate the ancient appeal of the town and its modern traits – from medieval castles and luscious cathedrals to bold street art, cozy restaurants and high-class hotels.

Come to traveller’s paradise Dubai!
The land of Arabian myths and legends, with splendour on every step, engulfed by the blue sea, blessed with Muslim prayers – Dubai is a contemporary rendition of a fairy-tale place with golden palm trees at the airport and exclusive Ferraris instead of white stallions. Every year Dubai is adding new architectural and urban marvels, exciting attractions and excellently planned infrastructure that does not stop to impress the continuous flow of travellers. Dubai produces miracle after miracle. Non-stop. At the speed of light. So, maybe Dubai is your dream destination? Visit Balttour 2024 and find out!

Enjoy the excellent skiing resorts in Austria!
Winter sports enthusiasts, including avid skier’s, snowboarders and beginner skiers will have plenty of winter destinations to choose from at the Balttour. Come to Ķīpsala to learn more about various winter destinations for snow fun, for example, Italy or France, or Austrian Alps that are very popular right now and rightly considered the paradise for winter sports. Many travellers enjoy the breathtaking sights, royal magnificence and crude nature of Austrian Alps. Moreover, what makes Austria even more special is its numerous high-class ski resorts. Visit Austria to fully experience the Austrian finesse, German order, Swiss beauty and so much more!

Embrace the warmth of Georgia!
If you want to experience real Georgian hospitality, beautiful nature, majestic mountains and rich culture and heritage, head straight to Balttour’s Georgia section. Whole host of various tours, accommodation options and customized choices will be presented by most knowledgeable travel consultants from Georgia. Warmth of Georgian heart knows no limits. Georgian wine will please even most demanding connoisseurs. Georgia is the place that will make your head spin with its abundance of leisure opportunities and tourist attractions. Georgia is on every self-respecting travellers calendar.

Enjoy Sardinia’s paradise beaches!
Sardinia, the always sun-lit island with numerous gems that all travellers are keen to experience will also join others at the Italian stand of the Balttour 2024. Its picturesque beaches, rocks and beautiful mountain villages will take your breath away. Sardinia has more than 300 sunny days a year, which means that you will have beautiful weather any time of year. Diverse, healthy and extremely delicious Mediterranean cuisine is another plus. By the way, did you know that Sardinia is so small that you can cross the island in a couple of hours and still run short of visiting all of its many attractions in a month?

Discover your magic of Slovakia!
Balttour is also the right place to find out more about this year’s Balttour dream destination in the heart of Europe – Slovakia. Many say it is a land of scenic mountain landscapes, known for its ski slopes and other winter activities, and rich winemaking traditions. Slovakian national stand will offer plenty of information for wine lovers throughout the three-day trade fair. Gourmet tours for all palates, with tasting of 100 best Slovakian wines in ancient 18th century wine cellars.

Unveil the hidden beauty of Balkans!
Fascinating mountain summits, vast lakes, marvellous landscapes, ancient cities – Balkans will charm all types of travellers. Travel companies from Albania, Slovenia and Montenegro are sending their representatives to Balttour 2024 to attract more excited travellers. Did you know that Slovenia is called the green gem of Europe? And Albania means the Land of Eagles in Albanian? Whereas Montenegro has natural wonders from other countries, such as Swiss mountain tops, Colorado’s vast canyons and Venice’s historical palazzos.

Enjoy your stay in Tatra Mountains!
Travellers who seek mountain adventures not far from home will definitely enjoy Tatra Mountain destinations. These mountains are often considered the small Alps of Europe – region rich with undisturbed wild natural areas, modern and glamorous mountain resorts, medieval castles and small, ancient villages. Many travellers who have been there say that Tatras are a good choice in terms of costs and quality of service.

And that is not all! In addition to various destinations abroad, visitors of Balttour 2024 will also have an opportunity to appreciate the genuine appeal of Latvia’s regions: Kurzeme, Zemgale, Vidzeme and Latgale. Their hiking trails, viewing platforms, hotels, guesthouses, cycling and boating routes, old towns, parks, castles, palaces and manors, nature parks, museums and other landmarks – there is something for everyone.

Various events
Inspirational adventure seekers, celebrities and tourism professionals will take the main stage of Balttour for all three days to share their inspirational stories and travel adventures. Presentations of tourism opportunities in Latvia for professional participants will take place on 2 February. Matchmaking event between Latvian travel companies and travel operators from key international tourism markets to boost export of travel services from Latvia will also take place on 2 February. Detailed Balttour 2024 programme of events is available here:

Balttour is organised by the Association of Latvian Travel Agents and Operators (ALTA) with support of BT 1 International Exhibition Company. Major supporters: Riga Investment and Tourism Agency, Latvian Investment and Development Agency, Latvia travel portal, RIX Riga International Airport, national carrier airBaltic, TezTour travel agency, portal.

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Entrance fees:
Adults: EUR 6
Students, pupils, senior, disabled: EUR 5 (valid documents are mandatory)
Family ticket (2+1 or 1+2): EUR 12
+EUR 2 for each additional child
Children under 7 can enter for free
PRO ticket (for professional visitors): EUR 15
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Parking: EUR 5

Opening hours:
For professionals only: 2 February: 10:00–13:00 (only for visitors with PRO tickets or invitations)
2 February: 13:00–18:00
3 February: 10:00–18:00
4 February: 10:00–17:00